Finding a realtor: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Buying or selling property is usually the largest transaction you will make in your life. You deserve to have a professional Realtor working on your behalf. Below are 5 mistakes to watch for when finding a Realtor.

Finding a realtor

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Part Time Real Estate Agents

It is difficult to be a part time real estate agent. You will need someone who is available when you are available. The real estate market changes quickly and new properties come on the market daily and are sold daily. You need someone paying attention and communicating with you to the greatest extent.

Family or Friend

Hiring a family member or friend can be very tricky. If you are not satisfied with your relative or friend, by finding another realtor you may cause hard feelings and upset in your family or with your friend. You may also not want them to know intimate details about your financial situation.

Poor Communication

Your Realtor is out of touch. You try to reach your Realtor and calls are not returned in a timely manner and offers lame excuses for the delay.  You need someone who keeps in touch and lets you know where you are in your transaction.

Power Struggle

Your Realtor pressures you to consider a house beyond your budget or in an area where you are not interested in living. Your realtor acts as if he/she knows best. You need to be comfortable with your Realtor and make certain they are listening to your needs.

Lack of Guidance

Your realtor agrees with everything you say.  You mention a listing price that you want for your house and the realtor agrees without doing her own research. In any transaction your realtor should be telling you things as she/he is the professional and has the most experience and knowledge.

Hopefully, these tips of what to avoid including part time agents, family and friends, poor communication, power struggles, and lack of leadership will help you in finding a Realtor that will make your buying or selling experience special and productive.

What experiences do you have in finding a realtor?  Comment below to help someone you know avoid a bad real estate agent?

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