How to Find a Realtor® – 9 Questions to Know.

Here are 9 important questions to consider to help you find a realtor:

Is the Realtor® full time?
If you find a Realtor working part time, they are not going to be able to focus on your needs completely. The right realtor needs to be available and fully engaged in getting your home sold.

What references does the Realtor® have?
You will want to know how satisfied previous sellers were with the agent’s service. Previous sellers along with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers are the best referrals when looking for a Realtor®. An agent whose face and profile shows up with listings on the Web is there because they pay to be there. Do not accept the online portal’s assertion that the agent is the neighborhood specialist. Interview him/her along with other Realtors® before making a commitment.

What kind of experience does the Realtor® bring to the table?
Have they sold property in your area and what is the current market there? A good agent will be able to tell you about specific properties and give you details showing you he/she is on top of the market information.

How do you feel the Realtor® will be able to communicate with you?
Is he/she readily available when you need to speak with him/her? Some Realtors® only take calls at specific times of the day. If you miss that time of day, you may not hear from him/her until the next day. You will want a Realtor® you can easily get in contact with.

Do you feel comfortable with this Realtor®? Is he/she upfront and informative? Is there trust building between you and the Realtor®?
Go with your gut. Many Realtors® will give you all the right answers, but did you like the way he/she answered your questions? Did they explain themselves well and make you feel you could trust that they will sell your home and be available to you throughout the process?

Does the Realtor® keep up to date with education, procedures, and new laws?
Rules and procedures change often in the real estate world. Besides taking mandatory continuing education classes, your Realtor® must learn new and/or revised procedures as they become available.

How will the agent price your home?
When finding an agent, do not go with a “yes” man or the agent with the highest price. Ask how their price opinions were determined and why they think your home will sell for a given value. Request a written “Comparative Market Analysis.” That higher price may be just to appease you; they may ask you to lower that price very quickly in the contract.

How many listings does the Realtor® have? Are they online and in the multiple list system?
Look at the agent’s website and other online resources. How are the agent’s homes marketed and advertised? Most buyers start online to find a realtor. Be sure to ask the Realtor® how they will market your property.

How does the agent get paid? What is his/her commission? What will they do to earn this?
Realtors® generally are paid by a percentage of the sale price or commission. This is a negotiable fee and is usually paid at the settlement of the sale. To earn their commission, realtors advertise listings online and in print. There are other services that the real estate agent can perform such as holding open houses, recommending outside services, skillfully negotiating for you, and keeping you up to date with each portion of the sale.

Congratulations! You have found the right realtor for you! Start packing, you are ready to begin a new chapter in your life.

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